Jun 11

True Grit

On Mon­day (3 days ago) I noticed True-Grit was avail­able via my Net­flix account so I added it to the top of my queue. It’s fun­ny, after being a Net­flix cus­tomer for 5 years, I’m still amazed when the movie arrives 1–2 days lat­er. Any­way, True-Grit arrived to my PO Box (oh did I men­tion I moved out into the woods in April and I still don’t have a mail­box?) and after putting the kids down, my wife and I threw it into the XBOX and start­ed it up.

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Jun 11

A few months into the commute

I’m now over a month into the new com­mute and so far so good. The fer­ry is actu­al­ly a bit relax­ing and a chance to gath­er my thoughts before arriv­ing at work and com­ing home, I’m find­ing it’s a nice time to get oth­er things done.

At first how­ev­er, there were a few bumps along the road how­ev­er now that I have a month­ly park­ing pass that should make things eas­i­er as I some­times rush to make the boat…

Apr 11

A Glorious Morning at the Dock

This morn­ing on the way to the fer­ry I shot off a few pho­tos on my iPhone. Although I’m not extreme­ly excit­ed to meet the sun­rise each morn­ing on a cold fer­ry dock, at least the view is pret­ty hard to beat…